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創立於1996年,由台北市政府教育局立案,提供英語認證、空服員、地勤與飛機維修 的訓練課程.. 繼續閱讀


夢想是無價之寶/ The dreams of youth are priceless


If someone asked me to put a dollar value on my dream to become a flight attendant in my youth, I would answer that it's impossible. The dreams of youth are priceless. Even though I went to many airline recruitments, I was rejected over and over again. But I never gave up my dream. Each time I failed, I redoubled my efforts to improve my performance. And when I was finally offered a position as a flight attendant for China Airlines, I realized that the experience of repeated failures had driven me to become a more competitive and valuable member of society. 

空服員是美麗的外交官 / Flight Attendants Are Beautiful Diplomats.


Becoming a flight attendant will be your proudest achievement while you are young. Why? Because you will constantly face new challenges, and by overcoming the challenges you will become a more experienced person. You will not only improve your foreign language skills, but also your knowledge of the world. In order to meet the airline's standards, you will learn to maintain professional and elegant composure at all times. After being hired, you will undergo intensive training programs, during which you will study professional knowledge about aircraft and international etiquette as well as learn to mix international cocktails.


You will become a beautiful international diplomat. Wearing a beautiful uniform, you will represent your country to fly all over the world. You enjoy an attractive salary and lead a magical life. Everybody watches you with envy. One day you are in Taipei, and the next night you could be in San Francisco, only to be shopping in Paris a few days later and enjoying afternoon tea time with your friends at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I sincerely invite you to join the rewarding field of the flight attendant.


  • 瞭解組員的角色
  • 團隊合作與照顧顧客需求
  • 創造航空就業機會,完成航空申請所有表格
  • 成為組員的所有準備

Our goal:

  • Understand the role of airline cabin crew
  • Identify the importance of teamwork and customer care
  • Research employment opportunities and complete job application forms
  • Preparation in getting you a cabin crew job 





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