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創立於1996年,由台北市政府教育局立案,提供英語認證、空服員、地勤與飛機維修 的訓練課程.. 繼續閱讀

多益 TOEIC 課程



Welcome all of you from David~

Hello, I’m David. I have taught English at Air Aviation Academy for over ten years. Learning English is best done using the Natural Approach. The Natural Approach refers to the way people learn their mother tongue. Just think about how you learned Chinese. First comes listening, then speaking, next reading, and finally writing. Languages are tools to communicate, not just subjects to be studied.

In this day and age, opportunities to listen to any language are at your fingertips because of the Internet. Just go to Youtube. What you need from Air Aviation Academy is the opportunity to practice with a native speaker to guide you away from mistakes and make sure you are not using Chinglish or Chinese English.

Learning English should always be done while having as much fun as possible because you will spend more time doing it if it is fun and the more time you spend learning English, the faster your progress will be.

Let me tell you a short story. When I was still in high school, a Japanese woman lived with my family for three months while I was studying Japanese. We always had a few dictionaries and paper by our side even when we went out to a restaurant. After one and a half months, she said that she didn’t want to bring a dictionary when we went out to eat because everyone stared at us. I said I needed the dictionary to communicate, but she said my Japanese was already good enough! Just one and a half months but ten hours a day! You can do it, too.


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  1. Jeremy 老師的多益中階聽力
  2. Jeremy 老師的多益中階文法
  3. David 老師的多益高階

Jeremy 老師的多益中階聽力 ~ 為您的職場加薪

由 New York University 紐約大學英語教學碩士 Jeremy 老師親自授課,將考高分 的技巧通通傳授給您,舉一反三,讓您充份了解多益聽力的竅門。職場上,想 得到月薪八萬至四十萬薪資,至少要拿到多益 650 分的成績,那麼,將您的競 爭力提升到多益 650 分以上吧!挑戰航空業與高階經理人的職缺喔! 
課程時間:Saturdays(星期六 15:00-17:00)
課程主題:Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test

Jeremy 老師的多益中階文法 ~ 為您的職場加薪

職場上,您若想得到月薪八萬至四十萬薪資,至少要拿到多益 650 分的成績, 那麼,您沒有任何藉口不來上這堂課,小小的投資,運用槓桿原理,將您的競 爭力提升到多益 650 分以上吧!挑戰航空業與高階經理人的職缺喔! 
課程時間:Saturdays(星期六 13:00-15:00)
課程主題:Complete Guide to the TOEIC Test

David’s 多益高階~結合 The China Post 時事得多益高分關鍵

David 外籍老師畢業於 Georgetown University/U.S.A.,也是愛爾航空培訓機構 的顧問與民航飛行員的面試考官,幫助台灣上千名年輕人將多益目標提升至 900 分以上,這堂課的規劃為半年,請耐心的跟著 David 老師前進,拿到最高的分 數。上課前 David 老師會先與學員討論 The China Post 的 headline news, 掌握 時事後再開始課程,因為這也是多益高階能得高分的重要關鍵。
課程時間:Mondays(星期ㄧ 19:00-21:00)
課程主題:Target TOEIC